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Charged EVs | Rhombus Energy Solutions to use Wolfspeed’s silicon carbide devices

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Rhombus Energy Solutions, a provider of EV charging and power conversion technology, has announced that Wolfspeed (NYSE: WOLF) will supply its EV2flex line of charging products with silicon carbide MOSFETs, improving the products’ efficiency, power density and charging times.

Wolfspeed’s 1,200 V silicon carbide MOSFETs will power Rhombus’s new EV2flex-120 charging infrastructure.

Rhombus’s EV2flex charging products are designed to enable fast bidirectional charging and efficient energy storage. Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) charging supports power flow between the grid and the car, allowing a charged vehicle to become a power source when needed and potentially enhancing the stability of the power grid.

“Wolfspeed has unequivocally demonstrated the high value of their silicon carbide MOSFETs,” said Deanne Davidson, Senior VP of Rhombus Energy Solutions. “Wolfspeed’s silicon carbide MOSFETs are a critical component for Rhombus to meet the demands in the growing DC fast charging market for EVs.”

“We believe bidirectional charging is a game-changing technology for the stability of the power grid, and our silicon carbide solutions will help accelerate that transformation,” said Jay Cameron, Senior VP of Wolfspeed Power. “Silicon carbide increases both power system efficiency and power density to create a faster, more reliable transfer of power. Wolfspeed is leading the industry-wide transition from silicon to silicon carbide, which is critical as we look for more efficient and innovative ways to support the power grid.”

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