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Charged EVs | Protect heat-sensitive EVSE components with closed-loop enclosure cooling (Whitepaper)

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Heat is a by-product and one of the greatest enemies of electrical and electronic components. In fact, the average reliability of electrical/electronic components drops by 50% for every ten-degree rise above the maximum device operating temperature. Electric vehicle charging stations are no exception. Lithium-ion batteries and other heat-sensitive equipment such as microprocessors and transformers contained within EV charging station enclosures are often subject to excessive temperatures (not to mention moisture, debris, and airborne contaminants) that impact reliability and may affect the original manufacturer’s warranty coverage. These environmental factors increase the risk of early system failures and frequent malfunctions.

Like most electronic devices, frequent operation of EV charging stations within hot and cold temperatures will often result in reduced power and longevity. Specifically, the charging and discharging of a battery energy storage system creates heat which must be mitigated to maximize system reliability and efficiency. Also, outdoor charging station installations are often exposed to inclement weather, extreme temperatures, and solar loads, which can rapidly increase the internal operating temperature of a charging kiosk. 

Active thermal management should be introduced to EV charging station enclosures to maintain an ideal temperature range for the equipment inside. Closed-loop enclosure air conditioners are an optimal way to remove excess heat while keeping a battery storage compartment cool, clean, dry, and isolated from the outside ambient air. By circulating clean, cooled air within an electrical enclosure (and through heat-producing elements), closed-loop cooling systems help protect sensitive electronic components and prolong their lifespan – providing many years of reliable, low-maintenance operation and preventing lost revenue due to heat-related service outages. 

Download this free whitepaper to learn how closed-loop enclosure cooling can protect heat-sensitive EV charging station components to improve efficiency, reliability, and longevity.

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