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Charged EVs | Nouveau Monde Graphite commissions coating line for graphite

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Nouveau Monde Graphite (NMG) has completed phase 1 of a two-part plan by finishing a coating line for the production of coated spherical purified graphite and beginning cold commissioning of a kiln and utilities. “Coating helps create a stable electrolyte interface-layer in the battery system and increase initial coulombic efficiency and discharge capacity, thus extending the battery performance over time,” says NMG.

After graphite is extracted from the company’s Matawinie Mine, it is shaped, purified and layered with carbon to prepare it for use in anodes.

“Phase 1 now covers the full value chain,” says NMG Chair Arne H. Frandsen. “From extraction and concentration to advanced processing and battery testing in our laboratory, we have engineered processes, designed operations and built facilities that demonstrate our proprietary technologies and production capability. This constitutes a springboard for executing our phase 2 to develop what is projected to be North America’s largest fully integrated natural graphite operation.”

Phase 2 will scale up technology from phase 1, and is aimed at producing 100,000 tons per year of flake graphite from Matawinie and 42,000 tons of coated spherical graphite per year at the company’s Bécancour Battery Material Plant.

NMG plans to start hot commissioning soon. The company expects to process the first ton at the start of Q3 in 2022, and to begin stable production by the end of Q3.

“We are now set to provide a turnkey supply of anode material to our potential customers, reinforcing our active commercial discussions and bringing us one step closer to signing an offtake agreement with a strategic anchor-customer,” said founder, President and CEO of NMG Eric Desaulniers.

Source: Nouveau Monde Graphite


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