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Charged EVs | NI releases new Battery Test System analysis software for EVs

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NI (formerly National Instruments) has released its latest Battery Test System (BTS) and introduced a new software analysis product line—both of which are designed to link data across the engineering workflow.

The BTS is intended for the design and test groups within Tier 1 suppliers and automakers who encounter challenges when they routinely upgrade and adjust to changing test requirements. The software-connected BTS connects data across the battery test workflow so that design and test teams can coordinate with each other on requests, configurations, monitoring, reports and test results. The BTS can also be customized for a range of test needs and integrated with power electronics, environmental chambers and test channels.

NI’s new DataStudio is a software analysis product line that links data from design to testing in the semiconductor workflow. The DataStudio Specification Compliance Manager (SCM) application manages device specifications, connects to measurement sources and automatically produces compliance reports. The company says, “DataStudio SCM provides a comprehensive view of the device’s conformance to target specifications, enabling better decision making and reporting, and leverages data often lost across design, validation and production test silos.”

The company is also launching the DataStudio Bench Data Connector (BDC) validation data library. Compatibility between the BDC and SCM makes it possible to import measurement data from the library into the compliance reports managed by the SCM.

“With simulators today, it’s difficult to tell where the problem lies with semiconductor prototypes if they are not meeting all the specifications,” said Ritu Favre, VP and General Manager of the Semiconductor and Electronics Business Unit at NI. “Is it a particular part that’s defective? Was it something in the manufacturing process that didn’t go right? Is it a fundamental flaw in the design? To debug that, engineers must work against these different silos, using different tools from different vendors with different data sets. We’re breaking down those barriers.”

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