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Charged EVs | Leclanché develops new marine battery system

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Leclanché, a Swiss energy storage specialist, has finished development of a marine battery system designed for electric and hybrid applications. It’s part of the Marine Rack System (MRS) product line, and will be available in 2023.

The Navius MRS-3 is composed of 65 Ah G/NMC cells with laminated ceramic separators, Leclanché’s M3 Energy battery modules, a BMS for each module, a liquid cooling system, and IP-rated enclosures. Each of the 8.7 kWh modules has 36 cells, as well as a unit that measures cell voltages and temperatures and an automated system for preventing thermal propagation.

According to the company, “The liquid-cooled design increases the lifespan of the system and permits up to 50% higher energy density compared to air-cooled systems.”

The system’s design permits the control panel and BMS to slide out of the racks.

The Navius MRS-3 is available with battery string voltages up to 1,200 VDC and continuous discharge current up to 720 A.

Cells for the Navius MRS-3 are manufactured at one of the company’s facilities in Germany, and the modules are assembled by the company in Switzerland.

“We’ve poured everything we’ve learned from our award-winning MRS-2 system into this project, setting a new performance standard for marine vessels, including its liquid-cooling architecture, which is now universally recognized as the safest in the industry,” says Leclanché CEO Anil Srivastava.

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