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Charged EVs | GM expands Plug and Charge availability

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GM is expanding its existing collaboration with charging network EVgo to add Plug and Charge capability to the Ultium Charge 360 ecosystem.

Drivers with an EVgo account, active OnStar connected services and the GM app must perform a one-time activation of Plug and Charge within the app. Once activated, they can simply plug in the charging cable and energy will start to flow with no additional steps needed.

Plug and Charge is now available at nearly all EVgo DC fast charging stations. In time, GM plans to broaden the service to include all compatible DC fast charging stations across the Ultium Charge 360 network, which now includes 11 charging station operators and over 100,000 charge points in the US and Canada.

Plug and Charge works with all current and upcoming GM EVs built on the Ultium platform, including the GMC Hummer EV and Cadillac Lyriq. It also works with Chevrolet Bolt EVs and Bolt EUVs with DC fast charging capability.

“We want to be the company that makes the EV experience seamless and convenient for everyone,” said Hoss Hassani, GM VP of EV Ecosystem. “Our collaboration with EVgo on Plug and Charge complements the work already in place with Ultium Charge 360 and is a part of our larger effort this year to expand charging infrastructure, access and education.”

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