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Charged EVs | Emporia Energy unveils new low-priced Level 2 charger

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Emporia Energy unveils new low-priced Level 2 charger

Emporia Energy, a Colorado-based provider of home energy management technology (see our recent feature article), is pushing the EVSE price envelope with a new Level 2 charger priced at $399.

“Competing chargers with similar specs, warranty, safety certifications and customer ratings are selling on Amazon for as much as $750,” said Emporia CEO Shawn McLaughlin. “There is no reason consumers should be paying that much for a Level 2 EV charger. Heck, when you combine our charger with our Energy Management System, we offer added features like excess solar charging and peak demand management that our competition cannot offer, and we are still less expensive.”

When combined with the Emporia Smart Home Energy Management System, the Emporia Level 2 EV Charger offers the ability to optimize energy use through automations that schedule charging based on utility time-of-use rate, excess solar generation and the user’s selected peak demand goals.

The Emporia system provides up to 48 amps, and comes with a generous 24-foot cable. It’s designed to fit smoothly into Emporia’s energy management ecosystem, which includes a home battery system, energy monitor, smart plugs and third-party thermostat integration.

The new unit is ENERGY STAR-certified, which means that it uses 40% less energy in standby mode than non-certified products. Emporia notes that households and property managers using an ENERGY STAR-certified charger may qualify for special energy bill savings and rebates offered by some states and local electric utilities.

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