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Charged EVs | Comemso’s new testing solution for EV battery management systems

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Comemso’s new testing solution for EV battery management systems

Comemso Electronics has announced a modular system for testing battery management systems (BMS), combined with a comprehensive new graphical interface for parameterization and visualization of the BMS test process.

The BMS is a vital component of an EV—it continuously monitors and measures the battery pack, including state of health and state of charge. BMS designs are complex and differ by manufacturer, so development and testing of the BMS needs to be streamlined to expedite time to market.

In a pilot project, Comemso and Texas Instruments demonstrated how a BMS, based on a development platform from Texas Instruments (TI), can be fully developed and tested with a Comemso BMS test system. The project includes a combined visualization of the graphical operating and display parameters of both areas for the test engineer. Comemso says the system delivers significant time and cost savings for BMS developers and manufacturers during the development and test phases.

“We are increasingly receiving customer requests that include not only test solutions, but also application development support,” says Anita Athanasas, Head of Sales at Comemso. “We noticed that for many customers it is complex to define their test requirements, map the test parameters and evaluate them. This is why we created a holistic integration by showing examples with TI so that all important parameters can be represented in one application.”

“At TI, we know the right tools and support help make innovation possible,” says Mark Ng, General Manager for HEV/EV Powertrain at TI. “Our broad portfolio of semiconductor devices for BMS—coupled with comemso’s proven results and accuracy with their battery cell simulator—helps accelerate design time. Comemso offers the ability to test and measure your system at a cell level with high precision.”

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