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Charged EVs | Charging plaza with 144 charge points to be built in Bavaria

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Sortimo, a Swiss firm best known for building toolboxes and storage solutions for vehicles, has lent its name to an enormous public charging plaza near the A8 Autobahn in Bavaria, Germany. The Sortimo Innovation Park currently features 72 charging stations, including 32 Tesla V3 Superchargers. Upon completion, the site will offer 120 Level 2 charging points (up to 60 kW) and 24 DC fast charging points (up to 350 kW). The company says the site will be able to charge up to 4,000 electric vehicles daily with “green” electricity.

The 35,000-square-meter site also includes a café and shops, as well as offices, conference rooms, an outdoor seating area and a playground.

Proper lighting is an issue at many public charging sites—many EV drivers cite inadequate lighting as a common drawback. At the Sortimo Innovation Park, lighting specialist Trilux has ensured that this will not be a problem—the company has installed exterior and interior lighting solutions that are both comprehensive and stylish.

The networked Trilux ConStela LED column with integrated IoT modules forms the core of the outdoor lighting concept. Some of the stelae are equipped with access points and provide a free WLAN connection throughout the site. IoT camera modules in the ConStela LED luminaires are designed to improve security at the site.

The interior areas feature Trilux’s E-Line Next LED continuous rows, Inplana recessed ceiling luminaires, Finea LED light channels, and Oktalite tracks with light panels and spotlights. All the luminaires are networked via the KNX building technology network, allowing the lighting of the entire area to be controlled and monitored.

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