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Charged EVs | BASF introduces new color-stable plastic for EVs

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BASF has introduced a new PA66 engineering plastic, which is designed for EVs. It’s part of the Ultramid product line.

Ultramid A3U44G6 DC OR features high electrical insulation, flame retardancy and color stability. “High-voltage components are usually exposed to significant temperature fluctuations,” said BASF Manager of Product Development Tina Weller. “This repeatedly leads to strong discoloration in conventional polyamides. Our newly developed type Ultramid A3U44G6 DC OR closes the innovation gap in terms of color stability and mechanical strength.”

The company’s testing showed that “color stability could be confirmed after 1 hour at up to 130 degrees Celsius.”

The company also says the plastic has less than 50 ppm of halides, which permits it to meet fire protection class UL94 V0 at 0.4 mm. “During development, we focused on the elimination of halides such as iodide and bromide, thus setting the course for a durable product without contact corrosion,” said Michael Roth of Product Development at BASF.

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