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Charged EVs | Arteco to release new coolant for EVs

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Arteco, an automotive and industrial coolant and heat transfer fluid company, has launched a new coolant for EVs, which is designed for indirect cooling.

Freecor EV Milli 10 is composed of inhibitors and stabilizers that give it a low electrical conductivity of less than 100 µS/cm. It is based on Organic Additive Technology (OAT) and includes corrosion, boiling and frost protection.

It also compensates for brazing flux in aluminum parts with CAB brazing flux by increasing the compatibility between the coolant and aluminum parts produced through CAB. The company says it is “the first coolant of its kind to compensate for aluminum CAB brazing flux.”

“A number of battery-electric vehicles require reduced electrical conductivity to enhance the safety of the driver,” said General Manager of Arteco Alexandre Moireau. “This is where our new BEV coolant Freecor EV Milli 10 plays an important role.”

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