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Challenge Show Latest High-Volume Gravel Tires at CORE Bike

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Challenge has added a new 700c x 45c version of the Getaway Tire for Gravel, joining the existing narrower 36c and 40c options. The tread pattern remains unchanged. This one is now available in the UK & US, retailing at £83 / $89.99 USD. Claimed weight is 550g.

The slicker Challenge Strada Bianca is also now available in a 700c x 45c. This 260 TPI hand made tire is described as a gravel tire (though perhaps not in the UK), but Challenge also recommend it as an “over-sized road tire”, citing extra comfort and improved shock absorption as its standout selling points. It retails at £83 / $89.99 USD and weighs a claimed 550g.

Dedicated to the asphalt is the Challenge Criterium RS (Racing Sport) road tire, the Italian brand’s main competitor to Continental’s Grand Prix 5000, and comes in at the ever so slightly more affordable price of £90. While that tire is vulcanized, the Challenge offering is handmade with a 350 TPI fabric backing the tread. This one weighs a claimed 220g in 700c x 27c. It is a tubeless tire, also compatible with hookless rims, ready to seat nicely on the latest batch of road wheels to grace the market.

Rolling resistance data on the Challenge Criterium RS has not yet been published on the Bicycle Rolling Resistance website.



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