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All-new Trek Domane drops adjustable & front IsoSpeed for 700g weight savings, adds room for bigger tires!

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The all-new Trek Domane lost its super-secret status after winning the 2022 Paris-Roubaix Femmes by Trek-Segafredo’s Elisa Longo Borghini. Now on its fourth generation, the Trek Domane SL and SLR are getting an aero makeover but maintaining the all-day comfort for which the line is known.

Trek Domane 2023 Paris Roubaix

Photo credit: Trek Bikes

Trek Domane 2023 — Lighter, faster, and fits 38mm tires

Trek cut significant weight from the previous version of the Domane Sl and SLR. The new models weigh around 300g (SL) & 700g (SLR) less than the previous generation.

Trek Domane 2023 side back

How did Trek achieve this? First, the frame is simplified; the front IsoSpeed is gone entirely, same with the adjustability of the rear IsoSpeed. Plus — the carbon quality moves to 800 Series OCLV Carbon for the SLR only.

Trek Domane 2023 Full bike stem

Trek also did away with any internal cable stops on the Domane frames, so if you’re cable shifting, full housing is the only option. Along those lines, if you’re planning on running a front derailleur, you’ll need to have one with a cable stop built-in to the design.

Domane SL5 seat post jpeg

Simplified IsoSpeed

The latest version of the Trek Domane features a new iteration of the IsoSpeed rear “suspension” system, along with a new D-shaped KVF post. The D-shaped post is one of the many aerodynamic advancements for the new Domane. The frame receives an updated Kammtail tube shaping and a newly integrated cockpit that improves aerodynamics and gives a clean look.

Trek Domane 2023 Full bike d shaped post

Both Domane frames have 100 x 12 mm front, 142 x 12 mm rear spacing, and a T47 bottom bracket. The new Domane SL/SLR can accommodate up to 2x 52/36 (min 46/33) and 1x 50T chainrings for those looking to maximize their gearing options. The Domane RSL can accommodate a 54T single front chainring or 2x 54/40.

Trek Domane 2023 Full bike frame storage

Bigger tires & Internal frame storage

The new Domane features its greatest tire clearance yet, up to 38mm tires. The SL and SLR frames also have hidden fender mounts and a top tube bag mount. If you need more storage, the SL and SLR frames now share the same internal storage as the Checkpoint and others in the Trek family.

Trek Domane 2023 Paris Roubaix pro bike check

Domane Race Shop Limited (RSL) frameset

The new Domane also comes in a Race Shop Limited (RSL) frameset (and only as a frameset), which is the same design Trek-Segafredo’s Elisa Longo Borghini rode to victory. The RSL frameset prioritizes ultimate speed and performance over comfort and versatility. This frameset features a more aggressive H1.5 racing fit, ditches the downtube storage (saving about 100g), and features a smaller tire clearance (35mm max) to be the lightest version possible. The Domane RSL frameset is only available in 52 – 60cm sizes.

Domane SLR 6 white pearl

Trek Domane SL/SLR geometry

The Trek Domane SL and SLR have the same Trek “endurance” or H2 geometry. The H2 geometry features a higher top tube and a slightly longer wheelbase to give the bike a stable feel no matter the terrain. The all-new Domane SL and SLR frames boast a wide range of sizes, starting at 44cm and ending at 62cm.

rek Domane 2023 Geometry_Domane_SL_SLR

Trek Domane RSL geometery

The Trek Domane RSL features Trek’s race-focused geometry; the aggressive H1.5 geometry. The H1.5 is a new moniker for Trek geo, blending the H1 we see on the road race line and the less aggressive H2 geo. For the Domane RSL, this means a lower head tube; for example, in a size 54cm frame, the Domane RL/SLR has a head tube of 16cm, and the RSL framesets are 10cm. Comparing stack and reach; the same 54cm frameset, the Domane SL/SLR has a stack of 57.5 with a reach of 37.4, and the Domane RSL stack is 52.7cm with a reach of 39cm. The wheelbase is slightly shorter comparing the 54cm Domane SL/SLR and RSL frameset, 101cm for the SL/SLR, and 99.8cm for the RSL.

Trek Domane 2023 Geometry_Domane RSL

What does this mean? You must stay on top of your yoga routine and double-check your fit if you want to ride the same frameset as the pros. The H1.5 geo also means this version of the Domane should handle more like a road bike and less like a gravel bike.

Domane SLR6 studio

Trek Domane 2023 SL/SLR and RSL Key Features

  • All-new, lighter, non-adjustable rear IsoSpeed system / Front IsoSpeed removed to shed weight
  • 800 Series OCLV carbon on Domane SLR and RSL
  • Kammtail Virtual Foil (KVF) tube shaping and an all-new integrated cockpit for improved aerodynamics
  • Top tube bag mount for clean installs on big days out
  • Price ranges, starting with the Domane SL5 for $3,499.99 and ending with SLR eTap at $13,199.99
  • Available: Now

Trek Domane 2023 Paris Roubaix on the cobbles

All-new race-focused Domane RSL frameset

  • Frameset only sizes 44cm-60cm
  • Race-orientated H1.5 geometry
  • No downtube storage saves 100 g over standard SLR frame
  • 35 mm max tire clearance
  • Won 2022 Paris-Roubaix Femmes under Elisa Longo Borghini!
  • Price: $4,199 (frame, fork, and seatpost)
  • Available: Now

Domane SLR 6 Etap

Trek Domane 2023 Models and pricing

The popularity of the Trek Domane requires a vast amount of build options, and Trek delivers on that with fourteen different build options. The options range from the Domane SL5 with Shimano 105 with Bontrager tubeless alloy wheels ($3,499) to a Project One Domane SLR with SRAM eTap and Bontrager RSL tubeless carbon wheels ($13,199).

Trek Domane 2023 Full bike full bike glamor

It’s safe to say that if you’re looking for a Domane with a particular build or spec, out of the fourteen options, one should stick out… As long as you’re OK with a starting price of at least $3,499 that is.

Trek Domane 2023 Availability

The new Trek Domane SL, SLR, and RSL will be available globally on trekbikes.com and through Trek’s global network of retail partners. Curious how it rides? Read our first impressions here! 


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