Electric Vehicles For India Electric Bikes Alchemy Bikes reimagines consumer-direct sales w/ DARE: Golden Package where beer is on the house!

Alchemy Bikes reimagines consumer-direct sales w/ DARE: Golden Package where beer is on the house!

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For all of the benefits consumer-direct sales offer, there are still some drawbacks. Namely, not being able to see the bikes in person and relying on a virtual sales experience may leave riders hesitant to hit ‘buy’. Are you getting the right size? The right bike for your riding style? Will you be able to dial in the suspension properly? Those are a few of the reasons Alchemy is introducing their DARE: Golden Package. Did we mention it includes free beer and burritos?

Alchemy AREC Showroom in Golden Colorado

Welcome to AREC

Offered with the purchase of any new Alchemy bike, the DARE: Golden Package is a way to experience their new home of Golden, Colorado while getting your new bike dialed in perfectly–by the same folks that designed & built it. In this case, DARE stands for Discover Alchemy’s Ride Experience.

Alchemy AREC showroom Alchemy AREC


The news of Alchemy’s new Rider-Direct sales experience comes on the heels of the opening of their brand new facility in Golden, Colorado. The AREC, or Alchemy Ride Experience Center is not only the hub for the DARE: Golden program, but it also is Alchemy’s new home including both titanium and carbon frame manufacturing.

Alchemy mountain bike in Golden Colorado

Ride straight from Alchemy HQ

Previously located in Southeast Denver, part of Alchemy’s relocation to Golden was to be closer to some of the area’s best mountain bike trails. Now located just outside of downtown Golden, you can ride directly from AREC to multiple trails including the Apex trail system–which goes hand in hand with their new sales concept.

Alchemy manufacturing facility in Golden Colorado

Inside the manufacturing side of the new AREC facility. More to come on this in another post.

Alchemy manufacturing in Golden Colorado

All-new manufacturing facility

After 12 years in their previous location, Alchemy wanted a purpose-built facility that was more efficient for their production process. In spite of the fact that the new building is 4,000 sq ft. less than their previous spot, Alchemy tells us that they were able to design their new space as it was being built. That resulted in a more efficient layout tailor-made for their unique needs including a bigger showroom.

AREC Lounge

Photo c. Alchemy

Alchemy AREC garage doors open

Photo c. Alchemy

coffee at Alchemy AREC

A bicycle-themed hangout spot

That new showroom is particularly important to the new sales concept. As Alchemy owner and founder Ryan Cannizzaro told us, “This is a dream of ours. We really wanted to create this experience center. It was meant to be a place where cyclists can just hang out.”

Alchemy showroom

Photo c. Alchemy

By all accounts, they have succeeded in making it a great place to hang out. Whether pre- or post-ride, I found myself lounging in the airy showroom, gazing out of the floor-to-ceiling windows or the open garage doors at the surrounding foothills. The showroom is stocked with options for coffee and other hydration options. Yes, there’s plenty of beer as well–even on tap. In fact, Alchemy is working with one of their local partners, Over Yonder Brewing Company, to possibly create Alchemy’s own beer to keep on tap.

Origin Red Rocks Hotel Origin Red Rocks Hotel beer garden

Alchemy demo bikes at Origin Red Rocks hotel

This triceratops greets you in the Origin Red Rocks hotel with free Alchemy demo bikes!

World-class hotel

In order to make the DARE program a true experience, Alchemy has partnered with other local companies as well. Just down the road (literally), you’ll find the Origin Red Rocks Hotel. Included with the DARE: Golden package is one night’s stay in the casual, rock & roll, and MTB-themed hotel. In case you’re wondering just what kind of place the Origin is–it has its own taqueria/beer garden called Nomad, and offers free loaner yoga kits or Alchemy mountain bikes to guests wanting to check out the nearby trails (there’s also bike storage and a repair station). I stay in a lot of hotels, and the Origin Red Rocks ranks among my favorites, worldwide.

elk carpaccio with crickets at Nomad

Yes, those are crickets on top of an Elk carpaccio. Delicious.

Chef Pablo Aya meal at Nomad Chef Pablo Aya meal at Nomad

Exceptional food & beverage

A highlight of the trip was a very special dinner prepared for us by Nomad’s Chef Pablo Aya. This is not your typical boring restaurant inside a hotel. I can also confirm that this was the first time I’ve ever eaten crickets, and they were delicious. If they’re in season (Chef mentioned they are imported from a market in Oaxaca), you can try them for yourself in the taco de chapulines. The food straight off the Nomad menu was excellent as well – just know that they’re not joking with the “big M.F. nachos.” Bring a friend.

Launch Coffee Company spread


For breakfast, Launch Coffee Company is stepping up with a free breakfast burrito and amazing coffee. Located directly across the street from the Origin Hotel, Launch is a very short walk from AREC, where breakfast was delivered.

Over Yonder Brewing Holidaily gluten free blonde beer

When the rides are done for the day, you can head across the street from the Origin again, but this time to Over Yonder Brewing. The DARE Package includes a $20 gift card to OYB, which should buy a few rounds. Based on reviews from others at the event, their beers were excellent. For the gluten-challenged among us, they also had a GF beer on tap from another local brewery, Holidaily. Honestly, it was one of the best GF beers I’ve had, and I’m kicking myself for not buying some to take home.

Alchemy fit studio

Alchemy has a full fit studio on-site to make sure you’re properly fit to your new bike.

Getting the right bike through DARE: Golden

It’s easy to get lost in the accommodations and delicious food & beverage options, but the real reason for the DARE: Golden experience is the bike, right? That much is clear with the way the package is laid out. Alchemy will now offer a 30-day no-questions-asked refund for anyone who buys any new Alchemy bike, regardless if you take advantage DARE: Golden package or not. But for those that do travel to Golden (on your own dime), you’ll receive an on-site bike demo, a basic or complete bike fit, and an Alchemy gift bag to get you started.

It’s probably important to note that while we had the chance to ride the Arktos full suspension MTB while out in Golden, this program is open to any of Alchemy’s bikes – which includes road, gravel, and even a US-made carbon e-gravel bike!

group ride with Alchemy team

Red Rocks is just a quick ride away from AREC on the Matthew/Winters trail system.

The idea is that the Alchemy team can make sure you’re on the right size bike, the right build in the case of bikes like the Arktos which includes three different travel options and multiple configurations, and that the bike is properly set up. Once you’re fit to your new bike, you can head out directly from AREC to the trails either by yourself, or on a lunch ride with the Alchemy staff. Bottom line is that Alchemy really wants you to be happy with your new bike, and they’re offering an unprecedented level of service to make sure that’s the case.

Get to know the alchemy team

Photo c. Alchemy

Perhaps more importantly, you’re getting a chance to interact and meet the team responsible for your new bike. As a result, you’ll be welcomed into the Alchemy family, and leave with a smile on your face and miles in your legs.

Getting your new bike home

You will also be able to leave with your new bike if you choose. If you’d rather have Alchemy take care of the logistics, you’ll have the option of them shipping the bike with the usual carriers or having the bike hand-delivered via Kitzuma or Beeline bikes. If you choose the latter, the bike will show up fully assembled at your place, which preserves any adjustments made at AREC. All of these shipping options are included in the price of the bike.

Alchemy showroom

Photo c. Alchemy

At this point, it seems that we should reiterate that the DARE: Golden Package is free. There is no extra charge for Alchemy to put you up in the Origin, feed you breakfast, and pour some beers post-ride. You’ll need to get yourself to Golden, and you’ll likely need to cover some meals yourself, and you might even want to extend your stay (did I mention they have a shuttle service to the Red Rocks Amphitheater?). Still, it seems like Alchemy is really doing something special with their DARE: Golden Package, which you’ll have to experience to believe.

DARE: Golden Package Details/process:

  • The program begins in July. The exact date is TBD, but hopefully by the 15th
  • Bike must be paid in full upon purchase online, phone, or in-store
  • DARE: Golden webpage will be completed soon, at which point a popup at purchase will give the option to include and/or visit the landing page for more info
  • Hotel rooms will be booked directly (either on the web or the hotel will reach out directly; details TBD) for a two-day period on or after the scheduled date that the bike will be ready (subject to availability)
  • Buyers of in-stock bikes can schedule pickup immediately or any time after, based on hotel availability
  • If the bike is not taken home by the buyer, the chosen shipping process will begin immediately after visit



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