Electric Vehicles For India Electric Bikes Aeroe Spider Rear Rack is designed to quickly fit any & every bike in your quiver

Aeroe Spider Rear Rack is designed to quickly fit any & every bike in your quiver

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Aeroe, the New Zealand-based rack, and bag company claim to have the “world’s most user-friendly bike rack and carrier system”…and, I have to admit, when I saw them back at Sea Otter they did look pretty simple to use.
We also did a quick combo story about them back at the “Covid make-up” Sea Otter back in October 2021.

Also, not that it matters much, but you may notice that my photos in this story are from back in April at Sea Otter.

Aeroe rear rack

The Aeroe Spider rear rack system.

Aeroe is at Euro Bike right now, spreading the word and showing off their goods.

Aeroe Rear Racjk at frame attachment

Aeroe Spider rear rack/frame attachment

Aeroe Rear Spider Rack

Photo c. Aeroe

It’s been 10 years since they designed their freeload rack system that was eventually acquired by the Swedish company Thule.

Aeroe says their latest offering, the patented Spider Rear Rack system, has won the recent Design and Innovation Awards in Germany for 2022. This rack looks to be a simple and secure way to attach and carry your bag or tent on your bike.

They say it easily mounts to the seat stay of just “just about any type of bike from full-suspension mountain bikes, to gravel bikes, commuter bikes, and ebikes (including bikes without “in-built” eyelets).”

This type of attachment, to the seat stay, would make swapping between bikes pretty easy.

Aeroe Spider Rear Rack

The Aeroe Spider rear rack cradle

The Aeroe Spider rear rack comes with one cradle which has straps that are “in-built” into the cradle itself that can carry a plethora of different dry bags, tents, sleeping bags, or anything else that can be strapped to that spot.

Aeroe dry bags

Some of Aeroe’s dry bag offerings

Aeroe's extra rear cradles

Aeroe’s extra rear cradles add to the amount you can carry.

Aeroe Extra rear cradles

Photo c. Aeroe

You can also buy extra rear cradles to add to the rear rack and carry items on the side of the rack as well.

Aeroe Side rear cradle

Photo c. Aeroe

Aeroe In the wild

Photo c. Aeroe


Rear Spider Rack: $129

Extra rear cradle: $84

12-liter heavy-duty dry bag (black): $72

8-liter heavy-duty dry bag (orange): $59

Check out all of the ways Aeroe can help you get out on your own adventure at the link below.



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